DuraStripe Floor Tape Installation and Removal April 17 2019



Note: As with any print and tape installation, it is crucial that the floor be prepared properly, and is as clean and dry as possible.

  1. Remove all old tape adhesive and/or chipped paint completely from the floor surface. 

  2. Clean floor surfaces using A CLEANER CONTAINING NO CHLORINE OR CITRUS CLEANERS - Chlorine has a tendency of leaving a haze on the floor, making it difficult for any adhesive to stick effectively.  Citrus cleaners can leave an oily residue that inhibits adhesion. 

  3. If you are required to use a degreaser on the floor, please remove / wash off the degreaser prior to applying the DuraStripe.

  4. Allow floor surfaces to dry completely and wait at least 30 minutes before applying the DuraStripe. 

  5. Once the floor is dried properly, you may apply DuraStripe Icons, Signage, or Striping where needed. 


Note: Floor surfaces containing cracks or holes can reduce the lifespan of DuraStripe products. In areas such as high traffic zones, where pallets, skids or other objects have the tendency to scrape or drag on the ground, we recommend using the DuraPux or to score a solid line every foot.

  1. Remove a few centimeters of the protective backing from one end of the DuraStripe. 

  2. Place the adhesive backing on the floor where desired and press firmly. 

  3. Using a roller or pressing down on the Durastripe with one hand, continue to peel the protective backing from the DuraStripe with the other hand. 

  4. To end a line, simple cut the DuraStripe with scissors or a utility knife. 

  5. To create mitered corners, allow two pieces of DuraStripe to overlap, with the bottom piece adhered to the floor, and the top piece overlapping with the protective backing intact. 

  6. Complete the miter by cutting both layers together from the inside corner to the outside corner. 

  7. To increase DuraStripe products bond to the floor, you may drive something heavy, such as a forklift, over the entire line.  

  8. Repeat steps 1-7 as needed to complete your installation.


In order to remove DuraStripe products, slide a sharp instrument like a putty knife under a corner or an edge of the DuraStripe material and peel it up. It may be helpful to use pliers or vice grips for more leverage. For best results on removing striping, pull back directly against the path of the stripe.

In the event that any adhesive residue remains, it can be softened and removed if saturated with a citrus cleaner and scraped when necessary. Please note that if new striping is to be installed where citrus cleaner has been applied, cleaner residue must be completely removed from the flooring surface with water or a mild DuraStripe Cleaner rinse, or else adhesion of the new material will be compromised.