Workplace Safety July 19 2018

Pros and Cons of Security Cameras in the Workplace
and the Legal Implications


With discussions on privacy rights amongst individuals at an all-time high, the question of whether or not you should install surveillance systems in the workplace becomes a pretty complex discussion. On one hand you’d think that all businesses need security all-time installed to ensure a safe and comfortable working environment for all. On the other hand, what if people don’t want to be filmed? Employees, members of the public? What about areas such as changing rooms and public bathrooms?

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Forklifts or Fork Trucks: What are they?

Forklifts or lift trucks are used by numerous industries. Moving materials, raising, lowering and removing large or small objects held in storage containers (boxes, crates, bins or other container types) on pallets from one location to another is the primary use. There are two types of PIT driving operations, the operator either rides or walks behind (a.k.a. walkie) the unit while controlling the forklift. These are not to be confused with modified earth-moving equipment or over-the-road haulage trucks that have modifications to accommodate forks.

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