Bumper Guards - Type C (39 3/8")

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Foamy Cushioning Bumper Guards (39 3/8")

Protruding corners, edges and objects pose a high risk of personal injury. With our protective foam Bumper Guards made from recyclable polyurethane foam, you can:

  • Increase Safety
  • Minimize Work-Related Injuries
  • Protect Walls
  • Protect Equipment
  • 39 3/8"

Our Bumper Guards come in a variety of Colors:

  • Black/Yellow - Ideal for outdoor and indoor use. Available in all types. Yellow foam.
  • Photoluminescent/Red and Photoluminescent/Black - For Indoor use only! Soft yellowish during the day, lights up with a yellow glow in the dark. Black foam.
  • Fluroescent + Photoluminescent/Black - For indoor use only! Very bright alerting daylight fluorescence combined with a darkness photoluminescent glow/contrasting black. Power 140 luminance. Black foam.

Need a longer Bumper Guard? Try our Rope Style!


Size: 39-3/8" X 1-9/16"

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