Rack Sentry for End of Racks


Style: Regular Temperature
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Use Rack Sentry® rack protectors on your pallet rack uprights to protect them from from collisions with your forklifts. 

Each Rack Sentry is  made of a flexible EVA material that gives your racks a high visibility. Our rack guards are easy to install...you don't even need tools!


    Rack Sentry® is ideal for intermediate rack uprights where high visibility and a flexible layer of protection is most needed. The product is designed to absorb impact by flexing and then returning to shape to work again. We have tested Rack Sentry® to a limit of 3mph (5km/h) using a 5,000 lb. (capacity) forklift without visible damage to the rack upright, forklift, or product.

    Rack Sentry® installs directly to the rack upright, eliminating the need to drill into the floor at the rack upright. In use, Rack Sentry® puts no stress on the floor.

    Rack Sentry can be bought and shipped by the Carton.

    Rack Sentry® exceeds the European FEM standard of 400 N.m protection recommended for rack uprights.

    For use in temperatures below 0°C, the use of Rack Sentry LT (Low Temperature) is recommended.

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