Mighty Line 5S Corners - Straight Cut (Pack of 25)

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Size: 2"
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Sticks well to low shag/low pile carpet

Mighty Line Corners come 25 per pack. Now with Rounded Corners too! 

They are 6"x 6" wide and you can select a 2" wide arm, or 3" wide arm. NOW also in 4" wide arm (Comes in 2 pieces).

  • Mightyline Corner Markers are tough and they stick to almost any floor.
  • They are the ideal way to mark around objects on the floor like pallets, machines, equipment, staging areas, racks, bins, etc..
  • Perfect for marking around movable objects so you know where they go back to.
  • They are durable enough to handle forklift and truck traffic. 
  • Simple and Easy installation.
  • Great for 5S or Lean Events.
  • The peel-and-stick adhesive leaves no residue when removed. Ability to change workflow area quickly and easily.
  • Don't forget the Mightyline T's to go with them.

How To Apply Mighty Line Angles? : Clean, Dry floor above 50 degrees Fahrenheit, Peel and Stick floor tape.

Mighty Line high-strength, double-coated tape features a removable pressure sensitive rubber-based adhesive. It delivers immediate quick stick, yet allows for removal if your design or layout changes.

  • Rated for industrial environments and conditions including high forklift and truck traffic.
  • No dry time! No cure time!
  • No fumes or messy clean up!
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty

Mighty Line Tapes are ideal for marking aisles, warehouse floors, workshop areas as well as hazardous areas and other locations throughout your organization. Each tape is made of scuff-resistant, easy-to-clean materials, making them last longer, regardless of use. Mighty Line floor tape is 50 mil thick with beveled edges.

2" vs 3"

Below is a comparison photo of a 2" Mighty Line Angle and a 3" Mighty Line Angle. We are selling lots of the 3" Angles because the increased surface area allows the angle to stick a little better.



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