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DuraStripe Donuts (see Green Donut in picture) are perfect supporting tools for any 5S, Six Sigma, or Visual Workplace programs. Donuts are available here in the Durastripe Supreme V and Durastripe X-Treme collections. Durastripe Supreme V has a slightly textured surface, is made up of 36 mil PVC in a 95 Shore A hardness and has a rubber based adhesive. Durastripe X-Treme has a smooth surface, is made up of 30 mil PVC in a 98 Shore A hardness and has a rubber based adhesive.They are both easy to install and easy to reconfigure, making them ideal devices to support the evolving eficiencies on a production floor. Don’t paint and stripe your floor markings, peel-&-stick them for simplicity and flexibility.

The 3.5" Donut has a 1" Center and the pack quantity is 70 units; The 6" Donut has a 3.5" Center and the pack quantity is 18 units; The 8.25" Donut has a 5" center and the pack quantity is 12 units

The Floor Tape Store Guarantee
"Our products are guaranteed to give 100% satisfaction in every way and come with a 3 year warranty. If you would like to try our tape without the risk, purchase up to two rolls from us. If you aren't completely satisfied we will replace it, refund your purchase price, or credit your credit card, as you wish. We do not want you to have anything from Floor Tape Store that is not completely satisfactory."

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