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About Us

The FloorTapeStore.com is your best online resource for FAST shipping of all your favorite Mighty Line products and other products. We are one of the largest websites that sell patented industrial floor tape. Our products have been used for many industries, factories, warehouses purposes, and have several uses. The range of floor tapes that we manufacture is durable and tough, guaranteed to easily last you years. Apart from that, we offer quick shipping services, which are a big help to many clients.

Floor tapes are mainly used for industrial applications and we make sure to manufacture them durable enough to resist all the rough and tough activities of industrial operations. Made with high quality materials our floor tapes do not wear out easily and remain intact and as bright as they are initially for a long time, saving you the hassle of replacing damaged floor tape.

The floor tapes we manufacture are easy to install and apply without creating too big a hassle or being extremely time consuming. They are very bright, which is a big necessity for floor tapes – they are markings after all, and the color does not wear or fade out either. They are durable to sustain the toughest of tow motor traffic and other heavy industrial projects. With our floor tapes, you cannot go wrong. This is just the product you wanted for your floor marking purposes.

We make all kinds of floor tapes, floor signs, 5S markings, non-slip tape, etc. designed to meet all your floor tape means. Maintaining a high level of satisfaction for our customers, we are confident that these floor tapes are the best you will find. Browse around to see which of our floor marking tapes fit your warehouse or factory needs and we will be sure to deliver it to you quickly. Distributed to thousands of clients all over the world, Floor Tape Store will cater to your floor marking needs efficiently. For further questions or information, feel free to contact us. You can also get a sample pack from us, to test the product’s durability and strength out yourself.


If you need personal attention or would like to inquire about volume discounts please email us at info@FloorTapeStore.com or call/text

844-FLOORTAPE (356-6782).

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