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Standardized Visual Control Tape

Standardized Visual Control Tape...It's the law!

Make your factory or warehouse even safer by using Mighty Line Tape  for your striping needs. Here is a listing of the Safety Code Designations for tape colors as recommended by OSHA 29 CFR 1910-144(a):

Use Green Mighty Line Tape for Safety Equipment like Eye Wash Stations, Fire Extinguisher and Spillage Showers.


Use Red Mighty Line Tape to designate Danger Areas like Electrical Panels, Fire Protection and containers of flammable liquid.

Use Mighty Line Yellow Tape for External Areas like Aisles and Cell Area Divisions.

Use Mighty Line White Tape for Internal Objects like Machines, Benches, Incoming Racks, Jigs and Carts.

Use Mighty Line Orange Tape for Caution areas like parts of machinery or energized equipment.

Use Blue Tape for Warning against Starting Equipment that is Under Repair.


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