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V-SEAL 101 Concrete Sealer



V-SEAL 101 Concrete Sealer is designed for use on both existing concrete substrates and new construction. V-SEAL 101 Concrete Sealer is a great driveway sealant that will provide a number of imperative benefits.

Recommended Uses & Applications for V-SEAL 101 Concrete Sealer:

  • On existing concrete or new construction
  • concrete driveway sealant
  • concrete sidewalk sealant
  • concrete basement walls and floors
    • for basement waterproofing
    • to protect against mold and mildew
    • protect against radon gas
  • pre-cast concrete and tilt-up walls
  • concrete pavers and decorative block
  • concrete pool decking
  • stucco and gunite
  • split face block, or brick retaining walls
  • also a cement sealant for most cementitious products such as architectural concrete, landscaping concrete, statuary items, concrete countertops, and concrete roof tiles

V-SEAL 101 Concrete Sealer and Driveway Sealant can be used in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

  • One step application, fast dry, no smell, no shine
  • Safe for indoor use
  • EPA, FDA, OSHA compliant
  • Waterborne and User Friendly
  • Permanent Chemical Linking
  • DPS - A Deep Penetrating Sealer, improving overall strength
  • 2% Vapor Transmission Rate, superb for freeze / thaw climates
  • Excellent test data, ASTM 309 & 1315, etc.
  • Perfect as the cure on newly placed concrete

Vigorous testing and a growing track record continue to support the outstanding performance of V-Seal 101 Concrete Sealer and Driveway Sealant.


Coverage Rate*:
200-300 ft.2/gallon – broom finish, rough
300-600 ft.2/gallon – machine trowel, dense




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