Quick Fix Epoxy Floor Patch - QP3

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lndue QP3 ™

Epoxy Quick Patch

Designed for Quick filling of holes & cracks in concrete.  Cures in approximately 20 minutes. Quick-set polyurea (meaning: type of elastomer that is derived from the reaction product of an isocyanate hybrid). 

Chemical Resistance

-provides protection against harsh chemicals, acids, oils, blood, and cleaning solutions.

Thermal Shock Resistance

-protection against thermal shock. Resists against stress and strain of material.

Impact Resistance

-ensures protection against impact, vibration, high force and shock.

 #14000 - 2 gallon: (288’ lineal feet – ¼” wide x ½” deep)

  • Part A | 1 gallon
  • Part B | 1 gallon
  • Part C | Sand (optional)

#14010 -  1 quart: (36’ lineal feet – ¼” wide x ½” deep)

  • Part A | 16oz
  • Part B | 16oz
  • Part C | Sand (optional)


Click Here for Instructions  PDF Brochure »  



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