How Does Going Lean Impact the Customer Experience? April 22 2016

The customer experience is unquestionably one of the most crucial aspects of great business. Without loyal customers, your company will falter and get lost among competitors who can deliver faster, easier, and be happy doing it. If you really want your business to thrive, customer service should always be your first focus in developing your business management strategies. It is for this reason that you need to keep the goal of good customer experiences in mind when going Lean in your own business.

The purpose of Lean is to streamline practices, save time and money, and always deliver a perfect product to the customer. With that in mind, it can be said that getting your business Lean is ultimately a way to provide a more positive customer experience.

What can you do to make your business more Lean and customer friendly?

Good customer experiences are the best way to keep your business on top.The door to communication for your customers should be opened as wide as you possibly can. For their convenience, you should give your customers every possible way to reach you. Your company website should provide a phone number, email address, physical mailing address, social media outlets, as well as a contact box for submissions directly from your page. You may also want to consider getting a direct chat program for people who want to chat with you from the web page, like we have here at the Floor Tape Store. This leaves customers every possible option for contacting you for anything they need. Your customers will appreciate you giving them the ability to choose to communicate with you in the way that makes them most comfortable and best fits their scheduling needs.

Give employees the opportunity to tell you about ideas for improvements. Business managers are very busy people. You can’t be expected to see every little thing in the day-to-day functions on the production floor. Give your employees a chance to tell you if there is room for improvement. This might be best in a large monthly meeting, where people can feed off of each other’s comments. These strategy sessions can shed light on things you may have not considered yet, as you’re too close to the business. Sometimes, the added perspectives can bring about new innovations that are breakthroughs in your business!

Always work to make your business better, even if perfection isn’t possible. Make sure that you’re giving your employees the vision of the final goal: happy customers. With happy customers comes higher production, which will ultimately lead to higher paychecks -- something everyone can get on board with. Keeping that in mind, employees will take care to stay Lean, always making sure that products go out in their perfect form. For employees with direct customer interactions, that can be as simple as serving customers with a genuine smile.

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Image Source: (Flickr/Bow Pornplmol)