Six Must-Follow Twitter Accounts for the Safety Industry October 21 2017

Using social media to your advantage can be useful in making powerful connections and staying up to date on the cutting edge tips and tricks in your industry. Cultivating your online presence starts and ends with social media in today's high efficiency, communication-focused business world.

Social media is where business is happening in 2017

Stay connected to the leaders in your industry with these must-follow Twitter accounts.] In the world of 5S and warehouse safety practices, there are several stand-out thought leaders you should be following that will inspire and inform you – all in 140 characters or less.

1. @CintasCorp – This Fortune 500 brand is known for their standards for workplace safety. Businesses of all types and sizes trust Cintas to manage their uniform programs, facility services, first aid & safety, and fire protection needs. They use their Twitter to share links to new job postings, innovative industry standards, and their blog.

2. @Leanthinkers – This German-American feed is like your very own 5S and safety news aggregator. @Leanthinkers gives you links to relevant innovations in lean manufacturing practices from industry leaders, putting the right tools in your hands without having to reach too far – which is the point of 5S, in the first place!

3. @ASSE_Safety – The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) is a self-described “champion for workplace safety.” The ASSE Twitter feed is chock full of safety tips, useful infographics, and links to other workplace safety tips and blog posts across the web. Following @ASSE_Safety will give you a daily dose of safety while scrolling though your social feed during your morning cup of coffee.

4. @Warehouse_News – This UK-based online publication for warehouse and logistics news gives readers an up-to-date understanding of the current state of the industry. The only drawback to this feed is the lack of diversity in content provided, as all of their posts are links to their publication, but the information they offer is invaluable.

5. @ToyotaEquipment – The father of 5S, Toyota, is definitely a must-follow for a complete Twitter feed dedicated to safety procedures. This frequently updated feed has a new post every 10 minutes or so, giving you a constant flow of information. Toyota knows exactly how to create a dynamic, fresh feed that will keep your attention long enough for their next post to drop. This feed focuses more on forklift and warehouse safety, with text, photo, video, and link posts for every type of learner.

6. @5SConsulting – A consulting firm based in South Africa, this feed gives followers inspiring messages for business owners to uplift employees in the workplace through positive reinforcement and ensuring a safe, respectful work environment – all relating back to the 5S principles. Their feed provides the perfect balance of original tweets, re-tweets, links, and media to give followers whatever type of content they need.

Of course, to stay on the cutting edge of 5S practices and manufacturing safety procedures, you can also follow us on Twitter @FloorTapeStore, where we share our own tips and tricks, as well as links to our blog!