May is National Electrical Safety Month May 14 2014

May might be well known as the month for Mother’s Day, but it is also National Electrical Safety Month sponsored by the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), a non-profit organization devoted to spread awareness, reduce fires and fatalities, and provide resources to inform people about the dangers of electrical systems. May is a great time to take a quick look around your facility and check to make sure that all the electrical systems are safe. Each year there are over 44,000 fires in the United States, and 1.47 billion dollars worth of property damage all from improper installation or careless practices involving electrical wires, outlets and power lines. Nearly all of these electrical accidents are preventable with just a few quick, easy safety measures.
So what can you do to make sure that your facility is safe during National Electrical Safety Month? 

Check to make sure that all outlets are functioning properly. If you need to change a light bulb or make any repairs that involve working with the electrical wires, only do so under the supervision of a certified electrician that can properly prevent accidents from occurring. To prevent fires from sparking in the electrical systems, make sure that all electrical outlets are properly maintained, and check with a certified electrician to ensure your systems are in proper working order.  

Finally, make sure that when repairs are being made or potentially risky electrical situations occur, especially in high-traffic areas, proper safety precautions are taken. If there are dangerous electrical sockets or power boxes or areas where repairs are being made, mark them with bright yellow floor tape that alerts people to the potential dangers. Also make sure to mark electrical panels and boxes with Electrical Panel Keep Clear floor signs that will help keep the area clear of debris. 

Remember that electrical fires, shocks, and property damage are all preventable if we just open our eyes to the environment around us and take simple precautions to ensure safety. May is National Electrical Safety Month, so take a few quick minutes and scan your facility, and repair or mark any potentially dangerous situations. If you take the time now, you won’t have the risk of fire or injury later.