The Mighty Line Floor Tape Applicator: Settling the Paint Versus Tape Debate Once and for All March 19 2015

Marking your warehouse floor according to the proper OSHA requirements is not an optional decision. The act of marking your warehouse floor is embodied in the second pillar of 5S organization, Set in Order. Each pillar is foundational and vital for the rest of the system to flow effectively. Not only is it necessary to mark your floors to stay up to code for safety within your warehouse, but it is also important for the rest of the business to function properly and at its maximum capacity.

For the safety of your entire team, it is crucial for you to operate your business at the highest level of efficiency and by sticking to the OSHA guidelines.

While it has been seen in the past as the cheaper decision to mark your flooring with paint versus industrial floor tape, more and more business savvy professionals are finding that tape is ultimately the cheaper solution. Your goal in business is to continue to grow your sales, so it reasonably follows that you will have to re-configure the layout of your warehouse as sales and production levels increase. By using tape versus paint, you will easily be able to remove and re-mark your warehouse, rather than having to paint over the old lines and paint new ones – only to have to re-mark the floor again in the future.

The flexibility of floor tape to paint cannot be denied. However, the task of laying tape can prove to be frustrating and time consuming, and achieving a straight line at length can often seem impossible. What would the 5S organization system say about this? Is it more cost effective, considering the time spent laboring on a project and the cost of the materials themselves, to paint or to tape your flooring?

The solution to this dilemma may be found in a simple tool: the Mighty Line Floor Tape Applicator.

Watch this video for a step-by-step instruction from Mighty Line, and see how quickly and efficiently this tool may be used:



As the video displays, the installation of the tape into the applicator is just as effortless as setting yourself up to do this task by hand. The laser pointer allows the person executing the job to keep the line straight with ease, saving a lot of time and wasted tape by not having to pull up and re-mark areas of your floor.

By coupling the Mighty Line Floor Tape Applicator with the practice of marking your warehouse floor with tape instead of paint, you will ultimately save your company both time and money, while simultaneously leaving yourself in a good position to continue to grow your business – and isn't that the goal?


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