Standard Tape, Footprints, and Dots: How to Choose Which Mighty Line Product Best Fits Your Needs March 30 2015

After making the clear choice to go with Mighty Line over any other brand of industrial floor tape for your warehouse floor, you must then take the time to plan out what type of tape you need. It can be useful to draw a diagram to get a real understanding of where walkways, aisles, and exits will be. Not only will it help you determine how much tape to buy, but it will also indicate to you the color and type of tape you will need.

OSHA outlines specific guidelines for tape color for safety purposes, but there are other aspects to consider when buying your floor tape.

Mighty Line Footprints are used to identify walkways and exits in your facility. This can be incredibly useful, particularly in warehouses with a lot of foot traffic. These footprints are easily distinguishable, so people are not confused about which paths to follow or how to safely navigate your warehouse floor.

Check out this quick video from Mighty Line to see a demonstration of the easy installation process.


Mighty Line Dots are used in areas that require a curved line. Standard floor tape does a great job at marking your aisles and to indicate potentially hazardous materials, but it will not help you achieve anything but a straight line. Curved lines are useful to mark off storage areas for barrels and other types of inventory with a curvature rather than edged packaging.

Here is another video from Mighty Line, featuring the Mighty Line Dots.



All types – whether it is signage, standard tape, footprints, or dots – of Mighty Line Tape are durable and easy to use. For long stretches of standard tape, you may want to consider picking up the Mighty Line Floor Tape Applicator to make the process even more convenient.

By following the OSHA guidelines for color and following your diagram for direction on how much Mighty Line Floor Tape to buy, you'll be on your way to a more safe and organized warehouse workspace.