What Do Floor Tape Store Customers Have to Say? August 11 2015

It can be easy to get led astray when you’re talking to a salesperson. Anyone with a product worth anything knows the key points to hit when selling their product, and they know how to read you to be able to properly determine what points will sell best to you. Even here at the Floor Tape Store, you can read all of our positive content and speak to the professionals who can tell you what Mighty Line supplies will be best suited for your workspace.

What you aren’t seeing or hearing when you speak to a business or a sales representative are the customer experiences. Really, what matters more when choosing a new product or company to trust with your business needs: all of the sales talk and bullet points of benefits, or a true client experience with this product and this company?

While Mighty Line products sell themselves -- between their cost efficiency, ease of use, and 3 year warranty with the Floor Tape Store -- it is still important to see a true vision of how the professionals at the Floor Tape Store handle their business with customers.

Here are a few of our most recent reviews from Floor Tape Store clients:

From Ryan P.:

During 5s events and Kaizens, my boss asked me to get discipline squares. I took a leap of faith on FloorTapeStore.com. We bought our first box and put it in our worst area of the plant. A few weeks later, we checked back, and it survived the test amazingly! Since that first order, we have ordered multiple colors and styles. They have held up YEARS and are working GREAT! Other supervisors have asked me where to order and got some themselves. Thanks, FloorTapeStore, for making me a popular guy in the factory, and thanks for making a legitimate, quality product that I doubt can be beat! If it can, I will never know since our organization is a customer for life!

From Mike K.:

The Mighty Line Floor Tape [from the Floor Tape Store] was the perfect solution to our needs on the manufacturing floor. Other tapes just did not stand up to the wear and tear. Mighty Line looks great and performs even better.

From Justin B.:

Order was handled efficiently and in a timely manner, despite my error in failing to provide a shipping account. I am pleased with quick e-mail response I received and that the error did not result in a delay in the order process. The product was easy to apply and appears to be a better product than what we have purchased from other vendors. I'm confident we will to continue to use this product in the future. Thank you very much.