How to Give the Best Customer Service Experience Every Single Time September 29 2017

The implementation of a Lean culture in your workspace is often stressed because of its cost effectiveness for your business. Not only will there be less waste involved, from time waste to physical waste, but there will be more time and attention for you and your employees to dedicate to your customers. After all, your customers are the pillar that holds up your business.

Going Lean might seem like a hassle, but the improvement on customer experience might change your tune!Ultimately, every action that takes place in your workplace – internally and externally – is completed to add value to your product or service for your valuable customers. With that in mind, you must make sure that you know exactly what your customer needs in order to move forward with tailoring your Lean workplace culture and decrease your waste production.

Customer service should be at the forefront of any business. Keeping your business principles aligned with the idea that your customer is at the center of every action, working to make your workplace Lean and focused on continuous improvement will make more sense to both you and your employees. This concept will give you a better idea of how exactly to go about cutting costs and maximizing efficiency.

This should be a constant commitment for both you and your organization as a whole. Successful businesses do what they can to think about their customers and make them as happy as possible all the time. The customer experience should be the catalyst that drives and inspires consistent improvement within your organization.

For a business that revolves around the customer, the most important principles to the core corporate culture are leadership, processes, and people. What exactly does this mean?


Each employee in your organization – from the CEOs all the way down to the lowest level employee –should all be aligned on the mission of the business. Knowing that the customer is the most important aspect in maintaining a thriving business, each member of your team will also realize the importance of keeping their focus on the happiness of your customer.

Any process that impacts your customer will need to be constantly evaluated. Dedication to the continuous improvement of each of these processes will be part of the daily practices of your workplace in order to maintain a culture of customer service.
With respect given to the customer from all sides, every person interacting both inside and outside of your organization will have a full understanding that the customer is the foundation of the business.

What some people don't understand is that it is the responsibility of every single person in your organization, not just those having direct contact with the customer, to serve the customer to the fullest of their ability. Warehouse employees may never see or speak with your customer, but their work obviously impacts the customer service experience as a whole.

Customer satisfaction is not a given; it is something that must be actively sought and worked on for improvement.

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