Use Mighty Line Floor Tape to Maximize Your Money January 30 2017

Whether you like it or not, you must maintain a certain level of organization to your warehouse floor. According to OSHA guidelines, the warehouse floor must be marked with their specific color code scheme. This is absolutely crucial for every workplace, so the corresponding colors will translate for all workers in the space -- whether they work in your warehouse on a daily basis, or they are a temporary contract worker, or even a visiting inspector or executive.

You can use Mighty Line Floor Tape to make your workplace safe on a budgetFor safety’s sake, it is one of the most important investments you will make for the regular maintenance of your warehouse. For your wallet’s sake, you should consider making the switch from a yearly coat of paint to refresh your floor markings to Mighty Line Floor Tape, Angles, and Dots.

Do you think that taking the leap from paint to tape will be more of a burden for your pocketbook than it is worth? Think again!

Your regular yearly painting budget would factor in approximately $10,000 for the upkeep on your warehouse floor with 5,000 feet of markings. Considering $10,000 as your bottom line, let’s take a look at how cost effective Mighty Line Floor Tape can be for you and your warehouse floor.

The cost of labor and the tape itself for the same amount of markings as your $10,000 bottom line at 5,000 feet is only a little more than $7,000 for the initial installation. Also, you must take into consideration the loss of production time during the yearly painting process; not only are you spending $10,000 every year, but you are also losing valuable income for a period of time.

All of this sounds economically sound, doesn’t it? Could there be any other reasons someone would switch to Mighty Line Floor Tape? The answer: Absolutely.

Mighty Line Floor Tape is easy on the wallet for that first time you mark your floors, and it is just as quick to install. No need to shut down your production, Mighty Line Floor Tape is foolproof and comes with a three year guarantee!

Over three years, you will be accounting to spend $30,000 on painting 5,000 feet of safety markings on your warehouse floor. Even with a zero dollar budget for making the switch to Mighty Line Floor Tape, you can easily convert your warehouse floor to tape -- while saving yourself over $20,000 over a three year period. You can’t beat those savings!

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