Mighty Line Footprints (Pack of 50)


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Sticks well to low shag/low pile carpet

Product Description

Mighty Line Footprints come 50 per pack.  25 left and 25 right. 3.5" x 9.5"

Keep pedestrians out of harm's way by identifying pedestrian walkways with Mighty Line Footprints.

  • Mighty Line Footprints are tough and they stick to almost any floor.
  • They are the ideal way to mark specific walk ways and areas where people need to walk.
  • Guide employees and visitors through dangerous or complicated areas with out having to personally guide them. (saves you time) 
  • Keep people away from hazardous objects, machines, equipment, etc..
  • They are durable enough to handle forklift and truck traffic.  
  • Simple and Easy installation.
  • Great for 5S or Lean Events.
  • Don't forget the Mighty Line Corners, Dots, and T's to go with them.

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