Bolt Down Anti Slip Plate


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Our bolt down anti slip plates are fabricated from 0.06” thick weatherproof aluminum which is finished with rounded corners and six pre-drilled holes. The abrasive top coating has a coefficient of friction in excess of minimum requirements. Our bolt down anti slip plates are available with either a black coarse non slip coating or a black/yellow hazard warning non slip coating.  For orders over a certain size we can offer other colors and sizes. The plates are great for fixing onto a previously unsuitable surface, e.g. sodden timber, ribbed decking etc. Each plate is 4.5”x25”.  

Application Uneven walk ways. Slippery walk ways ie wooden decking, wooden stages.

Colors Black Coarse, Black/Yellow Hazzard

The screw holes are 3.99mm, the screw choice and depth will be dependent on the application surface – ie wood screws, decking screws, metal screws etc.

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