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The Park Sentry Wall System is a way to utilize the impact-absorbing properties of our Park Sentry Round panels against a variety of flat walls.  Park Sentry absorbs the impact of collisions without scratching painted finishes.  The wall system is attached above and below the "bumper zone," meaning no fasteners to scrape the vehicle.  Park Sentry is made of lightweight, energy-absorbing ARPRO®, the same material used in automobile bumpers.  Park Sentry Wall system is an easy-to-install barrier meant to reduce the cost of vehicle collisions while providing a highly visible, attractive appearance.

Park Sentry Wall System is created by using Park Sentry Round panels. These panels are 1 meter (39.3") tall, and are 702mm (27.65") wide per panel. Each wall clip is 1410mm (55.5") so it spans 2 panels. This means each carton of wall channel will install 12 panels (4 cartons) of Park Sentry Round panels and will cover 8.4 meters (about 27'6") of wall.




The Park Sentry Wall Clips are lightweight extruded polypropylene channels that are attached to the wall using standard fasteners (not included). The top rail of the channel includes a small groove intended to guide the fasteners and provide proper spacing.


Park Sentry Wall System uses this simple clip system to hold the Park Sentry Round panels firmly to a wall. The clips are continual and span the width of 2 panels. They are available in black only and ship 12 to a carton. The wall clips can be used to "box" the end of a run of panels, as in the photo here.


The Park Sentry Round panels connect to each other using an integrated tab and slot system, seen in this photo of the back (B) side. The Wall clips are attached top and bottom to hold firmly against a wall. These panels are available in yellow or black.


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