Reasons Why You Should Not Ignore Floor Tape February 08 2015

There are plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t ignore Floor Tape anymore. We all know that Floor Tape sticks to a lot of different types of floors and most people do tend to use it more on cement and tile floors versus carpeting and other types of flooring. As a manager, working in a warehouse or a factory you need to be aware of dangers and to take measures to keep your employees safe from harms way as much as possible. Here are some possibilities on not ignoring the Floor Tape and making conditions safe for not only yourself but for others as well.

1. Luminescent Floor Tape can provide a safe route as you walk through a dark area. In case of an emergency and the lights go out, this will give you the additional guidance to walk safely around the workplace.

2. Floor Tape can mark a hallway around a warehouse or shop.

3. Use Floor Tape to mark a visual in a warehouse, so employees know where to place pallets or supplies. Maybe even use colored tape for different areas coordinated with certain equipment or corner markers.

4. Use yellow Floor Tape as the "caution" color to mark hazard areas to prevent falls and tripping anywhere it may be useful to prevent these accidents from happening, like a loading dock.

5. Do you have stairs leading to a basement or a storage area? Use the caution yellow and black diagonal Floor Tape to place on the edge of the stairs so you can spot where the next edge of the stair is, to be able to prevent any accidents in the workplace.

6. Use Floor Tape that will withhold up to heavy foot traffic and high forklift areas.

7. By using Floor Tape you will improve safety and efficiency in your workplace.

8. OSHA has setup color guidelines that they will look for when using Floor Tape as this will help maintain safety in the workplace.

YELLOW - used to mark aisle and cell area divisions.

RED – used as an alert to dangerous materials and equipment. Examples of where to use red are electrical panels or flammable liquids.

GREEN – used to mark the location of safety equipment where you can use the eye wash station, find the fire extinguisher or shower area.

WHITE - for internal equipment like machines and benches or carts.

ORANGE - caution area for machinery or running equipment.

BLUE- used for areas that require equipment needed for repair and as a reminder this area also warns against starting any equipment that is under repair.

9. OSHA also requires that industrial workplaces mark the aisles and passageways clearly so that employees and visitors will have a special designated walkway to be able to pass through safely.

10. Using Floor Tape in the work place will also help in the need of an evacuation, leading direction to leave the building.

11. Using Floor Tape will also help you from receiving and avoid any fines from OSHA which could end up being costly to your company.