An Introduction to Floor Tape March 06 2015

There are many potential hazards in an industrial setting. Traffic must be directed, pedestrians need safe walkways; storage areas should be designated, and organizational systems must be marked to prevent any accidents. Floor tape is designed for this purpose. Made of heavy duty double-coated features that resist oil, moisture, solvents and scuffing, floor tape can also withstand high forklift and truck traffic, thereby providing a reliable, quick and easy way to efficiently mark concrete on warehouse and manufacturing floors.

Floor tape is fit for marking aisles, storage and workshop areas, as well as hazardous areas within an organization. It is available in continuous rolls, corner marks (L, T and cross shapes), and contrast color patterns that easily make an area stand out.

While painting remains the traditional way of marking floors, floor tape presents far more outweighing advantages that ensure efficiency and functionality, skipping out drawbacks such as long dry and cure times which cause losses in production, and toxic fumes which pose a health hazard.

Let’s explore some of the key benefits of using floor marking tape:

1. Highly adhesive and requires minimal prep

The quick-stick marking tape will adhere to virtually any dry surface when applied. No equipment is necessary; all you need is the role of tape, no rollers, solvents or special techniques.

2. No downtime

You’ve heard the expression, “It’s like watching paint dry!” Paint generally takes a long time to dry, in contrast to floor tape markings that can be utilized immediately after application. In other words, floor tape avoids any loss in production time.

3. Easily accommodates layout changes

Occasionally, the layout of an industrial facility must be adjusted to improve efficiencies. Paint removal is expensive and labor-intensive, and there is also a risk of damaging the floor in the process as opposed to removing floor tape, which is quick and simple, leaves no residue and ensures seamless transitions.

Don’t rely on just any old paint or tape product to mark your floors. A little research will reveal the superior tape in the market. When it comes to providing high-quality floor marking tape, is the expert. Our industrial high strength tape has proven its excellence to its users, outlasting nearly any other floor tape on the market today.