5 Reasons Your Warehouse Needs the Collision Sentry Warning System March 12 2015

Forklifts are both necessary and powerful tools for the warehouse environment. With the technological advances that have come with the industrial workplace comes the Collision Sentry Warning System. Acting as a traffic light for both the operators of the forklift and for the pedestrians on the warehouse floor, this warning system adds a new level of safety to employees – and to your business.

Why does your warehouse need a Collision Sentry Warning System?

1. Safety – Safety should always be the first concern of a business owner, especially in the case of a warehouse operator. When large, powerful tools like forklifts are utilized, a new element of security must be added to the warehouse floor to ensure the safety of all individuals. This also helps keep your company's insurance deductibles low, as there will be fewer workplace accidents.

2. Economical – The Collision Sentry Warning System operates on standard D – cell alkaline batteries. This is hugely beneficial, as the system does not need to be hooked up to any electrical systems, which would ultimately create extra strain on your company's electric bill.

3. Intuitive – The warning system is programmed to detect motion on both sides of the sensor, itself. This allows for extra time for both the forklift operator and for the pedestrian to react to each other, ensuring both parties go unharmed.

4. Visibility – The system itself is bright yellow – already allowing for maximum visibility – with flashing LED lights to indicate to drivers and pedestrians when to react to each other's movements.

5. Portable – As the system does not require an intricate electrical hook-up, this allows you to move it freely. If you need to re-arrange the layout of your warehouse floor, the Collision Sentry Warning System is easily movable to accommodate to your needs.

What do you use forklifts for in your warehouse? Have there been any close calls on the floor? You can eliminate those concerns once and for all with the Collision Sentry Warning System.