How Lean Thinking Will Transform Your Workplace into a Safer, More Satisfying Environment March 12 2015

Becoming a 5S expert isn't just about knowing the 5S pillars by name; it all comes down to how you incorporate these valuable tools into your workplace toolbox.

The real goals of 5S are not only to maximize efficiency and create less clutter in your workspace, but they are also integral in fostering an environment built on safety, stability, and customer satisfaction – no matter what industry applies these principles.

Take a look at this short video from YouTube, which does a great job explaining the 5S pillars and the ideas behind the founding of lean manufacturing.


As Julie explains in the video, 5S helps create operational stability in the workplace. By streamlining the workspace itself and empowering your employees to make lean thinking a part of their daily focuses, you are ensuring a more positive, safety-driven work environment. You will soon notice a reduction in wasted time and workplace accidents, an increase in production, and higher customer satisfaction overall.

The video goes into detail about the importance of maintaining the 5S system in your workspace with an emphasis on the customer satisfaction results you will see, if you make lean manufacturing principles a habit in the workplace.

It is a cyclical effect – lean thinking and lean actions will lead to less mistakes on the warehouse floor. Less mistakes on the manufacturing floor will ultimately lead to less customer complaints. Less customer complaints will lead to an increase in purchasing and manufacturing volume, as your customers will likely refer their associates to your business for their goods. All of this will trickle back into your business, giving you the power to increase wages and offer bonuses to employees as revenues increase. With your employees feeling valued and competitively compensated, their work ethic and satisfaction in their position with your company will also increase.

Implementing a brand new system of workplace organization may seem daunting and likely to not pay off for a while; it is important to remember that 5S and lean principles require constant upkeep and attention. This can make you feel like you're fighting a losing battle. However, it is important to encourage employees to create daily workplace habits that will set up the company for long-term success. Once the hard work is done, 5S is all about routine maintenance.


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