Using Mighty Line to Protect Magnetic Strips December 02 2010 got a large order this week from a manufacturer in Indiana. The order was for over 1500' of Brown Mighty Line Tape. That seemed like a lot of brown tape so I asked about the application. Here is a copy of the email I got in return:

"We use 'robotic' carts (AGVs) to move parts around our plant. These carts run on magnetic tape which adheres to the floor. MightyLine tape is placed on top to protect the magnetic tape, which gets torn up by the AGVs, scrap carts, tuggers, etc, rolling over it and it's expensive to replace.
Once we have all the magnetic tape covered, we will keep your brown tape in our tool room for maintaining high traffic areas. Future business!
Thanks for your good service. We look forward to using for our future tape needs."

Thanks for the order!