Can Mighty Line Tape Be Used in a Wet Environment? December 29 2010

I got the following email from a customer this week: 

"We started using this product (Mighty Line) for some high traffic areas and it works great. I was at a site that has a trailer parked inside overnight, the tape outlines the trailer area, some spots are low and with snow melting, water, sand, salt mix has broken down the adhesive in those spots. The areas not soaked are just fine. Would you have some recommendations for this application to ensure adhesion remains? Thanks."

You bet we do! As it turns out has a complete procedure for applying Mighty Line Tape in a wet environment or an outside applicaiton. Here it is:

For outdoor/wet applications of Mighty Line tape we recommend using a concrete sealer like V-seal 101:

Application process:

1. Clean concrete to which tape is to be applied; power wash with Simple Green or another mild detergent, such as Mighty Line Cleaner/Degreaser.

2. Rinse.

3. The 101 sealer is a water soluble penetrating sealer. Before applying the sealer the concrete can  be damp but should not have any puddles on it.

4. Apply the sealer with a standard garden sprayer. Put a light mist over the area. Let the area dry an hour or so depending on climate and conditions. Apply another light coating. Let dry.

5. We suggest sealing the whole area that is to be striped, but you could seal a 2 foot path where the Mighty Line is to be applied.

6. Think of concrete as a big sponge. Concrete takes on water every time it gets wet.  The V-seal keeps water from penetrating (and at the same time, allows the concrete to breathe) thus keeping the adhesive on the underside of the Mighty Line from absorbing moisture.

7. If you notice a small white/gray residue on the concrete, the sealer has been applied a little thick in that area, do not worry it will wear off with time or you can spray it off with a pressure sprayer.

8. After the sealer and the concrete are dry, you can apply the Mighty Line floor tape.

9. Mighty Line will adhere better and the sealer will dry quicker on warm sunny days.

10. At any deep cracks, saw joints or groove marks, we suggest cutting the Mighty Line.

11. If you leave a space for water to affect the tape the tape will likely breakdown in that area.

12. Spray V-seal on top of the Mighty Line Floor Tape edges after the tape is down to encapsulate the adhesive from moisture seepage.

Click here to download Outdoor Applications of Mighty Line Tape.