Standardized Visual Control Tape – It's the Law! June 19 2015

Not only does using a color-coded system for organizing and differentiating your warehouse or office workspace help you to create a more Lean environment, but it is also the law! OSHA has very specific requirements for color coding for safety regulations, so investing in Mighty Line colored floor marking tape is more than just a visual tool – it is a law!



What colored tape should you be buying for your warehouse organization needs?

Green Mighty Line Tape is used to mark off safety equipment. This can include eye wash stations, fire extinguishers, and spillage showers. Having your safety tools easily visible is one of the most crucial safety measures you can take to protect yourself and your warehouse employees.

Red Mighty Line Tape is used to designate dangerous areas, like electrical panels, fire protection equipment, and containers of flammable liquid. Depending on the type of container holding the flammable liquid, you may want to buy both Mighty Line Floor Tape as well as Mighty Line Dots, particularly if the containers are barrels or similarly circular in shape.

Yellow Mighty Line Tape is used to mark off external areas, like aisles and cell area divisions. In addition to Mighty Line Floor Tape, you should also pick up some Mighty Line Angles and Footprints to mark off your pedestrian walk ways. Purchasing Mighty Line Footprints in addition to the Mighty Line Floor Tape will help differentiate walk ways for foot traffic from aisles meant for navigating with large mechanical equipment.

White Mighty Line Tape is used to mark internal objects, like machines, benches, incoming racks, jigs, and carts. For this distinction, you should definitely pick up Mighty Line Floor Tape, as well as Mighty Line Angles and T's. Generally, your equipment will go back to the same position at the end of the work day, so using the Mighty Line Angles will show employees exactly where to place a forklift or other heavy machinery at the end of the work day. This will also prevent employees from filling spaces meant for your equipment with inventory on accident.

Orange Mighty Line Tape is used to indicate an area to act with caution, like storage for parts of machinery or energized equipment. These pieces can often be incredibly dangerous to handle, so it is crucial to keep these areas marked properly.

Blue Mighty Line Tape is used to warn employees about equipment that is in line for repair. Keeping your tools for repair separated from the rest of your equipment will save your employees from possible injury and save time checking for a properly functioning tool. You can't get more Lean than that!

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