Why Should You Choose the Mighty Line Two Roll Starter Pack? July 22 2015

Every single day, more companies are turning to Mighty Line Floor Tape for their floor marking needs. Not only is floor tape easier to lay and remove than the old ways of painting your warehouse floor, but Mighty Line Floor Tape comes in every color needed for following OSHA floor tape marking requirements.

Right now, you can try out Mighty Line Floor Tape through the Floor Tape Store. Before, the process of requesting samples from the Floor Tape Store, trying out a few strips of the Mighty Line Floor Tape, along with some Corners and Dots, and calling the Floor Tape Store to order what you need for your warehouse organization needs could be somewhat lengthy.

 Instead, try the no risk Mighty Line Starter Pack from the Floor Tape Store! You get two full rolls of Mighty Line Floor Tape in the right size for you and any standard color, which you can put on your floor and try out for a full 30 days. If you aren’t completely satisfied by Mighty Line Floor Tape for your floor marking needs, the Floor Tape Store will refund 100% of your purchase, guaranteed.

Mighty Line Floor Tape comes in 10 color choices and 4 width options, so you can effectively mark your warehouse for safety guidelines, according to the OSHA requirements. Rolls of Mighty Line Floor Tape are 100 feet long, giving you a lot of product for a low cost. The high contrast colors will help you achieve an environment dedicated to visual standards of safety, eliminating many of the workplace accidents which may occur.

What’s more, Mighty Line Floor Tape is easy to peel and stick, and you can have the option to choose to pick up the Mighty Line Floor Tape Applicator to make the process of laying your floor tape even more fool-proof. The long lasting quality of Mighty Line Floor Tape will give you the security of knowing you’re making a sound investment in Mighty Line products.

Products from the Floor Tape Store come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a three year warranty. If you had any doubts before about trying Mighty Line Floor Tape for your floor marking needs, you can rest assured with your purchase from the Floor Tape Store that you will not be forced to eat the cost of any unwanted products.

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