Savings by the Numbers: Why You Should Choose Floor Tape Over Paint July 27 2015

In every organization looking to be more Lean, saving money is one way to measure success. What’s more, a Lean workspace is one that has visual cues for safety. The place to start, of course, will be with marking off your warehouse floor. Armed with the color coding guidelines from OSHA, you must now face the big decision: will you mark your floor with paint or with Mighty Line Floor Tape?

Advantages and Disadvantages
While the traditional way of marking off your floor is with paint, this is an inefficient decision when there is the cost-effective Mighty Line Floor Tape solution. Painting your floor takes quite a bit of time for the installation to be complete, from painting over a line several times to waiting for the paint to dry. This also means that production on the warehouse floor will be halted, causing you to possibly lose sales or opportunities to make more money; during this time, you are only losing money. Of course, painting is also a much more permanent way of marking your floor, too.

With Mighty Line Floor Tape, the installation is quick and easy, and there won’t be any need to stop work in production on the warehouse floor, either. Because there is no dry time for Mighty Line Floor Tape, you are already saving money with the cogs of your business still turning. If you discover a way to arrange your warehouse to be more Lean and need to change the lines on your floor, Mighty Line Floor Tape is just as easy to remove as it is to apply.

Now, let’s take a look at the numbers:
Most industrial warehouses re-apply their floor paint every year. With Mighty Line Floor Tape from the Floor Tape Store, you get an automatic three year warranty with your products.

Let’s say you are looking to apply 5,000 ft of 4” floor lines to mark off your warehouse floor. With Mighty Line Floor Tape from the Floor Tape Store, the 4” tape cost per foot is $1.42, so the whole 5,000 feet of tape will cost $7,100. Estimating the cost of labor to lay 5,000 feet of tape to be about $1,000, you will spend $8,100 for your first year of organizing your warehouse floor with Mighty Line Floor Tape. Because you invested in Mighty Line, you also have that three year warranty -- totaling your cost over three years of floor tape maintenance to be $8,100.

Using the same dimensions for marking your warehouse floor, you will spend about $1.85 per foot with floor paint. This means your first year will cost you $9,250, and each year it will cost you the same amount to touch up your floor paint. Over the course of three years, you will spend $27,750 on floor paint alone -- not even considering the cost of labor and shutting down the production on your warehouse floor.

When you look at those kinds of numbers, how can you afford not to go with Mighty Line Floor Tape?

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