5 Things You Didn’t Know About 5S November 08 2016

In a cutting edge world where every company is striving for innovations to save money and increase efficiency, it is important for leaders to stay up to date on the best ways to stay ahead.

5S is a systematic approach to organization that will set your business on a path to productivity unlike anything you have seen.

A workplace dedicated to 5S pillars is more efficientWhether you are already familiar with the 5S system or are just being introduced to the idea, the five pillars of the 5S system are great place to begin to educate yourself. Implementing this system of organization as soon as possible will set you and your business in the right direction.

Pillar 1: Sort
By eliminating extraneous clutter in the office and either storing or throwing away useless junk, your office space will already seem more stress-free and efficient.

Pillar 2: Set in Order
Arranging the items left in your space in order of usefulness, with things most used being most accessible, allows for easier clean up time at the end of the day and faster set up time at the start of the next work day.

Pillar 3: Shine
Your business cannot thrive without functioning tools. This pillar conveys the importance of everything being clean and in working order.

Pillar 4: Standardize
Developing a routine for sorting (Pillar 1), setting (Pillar 2), and shining (Pillar 3) will allow the process to become more streamlined for employees.

Pillar 5: Sustain
Perhaps the most important of the pillars, the principle of sustainability as a new company culture will solidify the 5S process and make it a new day-to-day procedure, rather than a thorough clean-up done less frequently.

Ultimately, the goal of utilizing the 5S system is improved safety and increased productivity and organization for your company and employees. You can jump start your new business plan by implementing the simple ideals of the 5S system today!

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Image Source: (BioFresh Cleaning)