Lean Warehouse Tips with Mighty Line Floor Tape October 31 2016

When working to make your workspace more lean, it is absolutely crucial for everything to have a “home” within the office or lean warehouse environment. Everything having its own space to occupy means that items will always be easy to find, and you and your team will waste less time searching for the tools necessary to complete a task. At the end of the day, this is the defining element of the 5S organizational strategy system.

How, then, should you go about organizing your warehouse to make the cogs of your organization run more smoothly? Mighty Line products are a great way to implement different lean tactics to create an overall more efficient workspace, while still complying with OSHA warehouse safety standards.

A lean warehouse is easy to navigate with Mighty Line Floor Tape The first thing to consider when purchasing your Mighty Line products for organizing your new lean warehouse is the specific requirements that need to be met. By answering a few questions, you can refine your search for the right Mighty Line product (or products) to fit your needs:

  • Is the area of floor you are marking for standard, straight spaces, such as a shelf, or for curved items, such as a barrel?
  • Will you be organizing for large, moveable items, such as pallets?
  • Does this area experience a high volume of foot traffic? 
  • Will you also be marking off tables or wall spaces for organizing tools?

When marking your floor for a standard, straight space for a fixture that generally doesn't move, like a shelf, using the standard Mighty Line Floor Tape is a great option. It is also a good idea to invest in the Mighty Line Tape Applicator, particularly if you have a large warehouse.

For marking off spaces for curved items, like barrels and other inventory with curved packaging, the Mighty Line Dots are the way to go. They are easy to apply, like all Mighty Line products, and they are easy to replace if one gets damaged. Mighty Line Dots are also often used where skids are pushed and pulled across floors because they are less likely to be damaged than a long strip of tape.

When marking off for large, moveable items, such as pallets and machines, Mighty Line T's and Corners are the perfect option. They are durable enough to handle forklift and truck traffic, and they are easy to pick up and apply somewhere else, if the objects they are marking get re-organized in your warehouse.

For warehouses with high volumes of pedestrian foot traffic, the Mighty Line Footprints are essential. These are used to identify walkways and exits in your facility, and they are easily distinguishable from aisles marked with Mighty Line Dots or Mighty Line Floor Tape meant to mark off items and fixtures.

Another great reason to invest in Mighty Line Floor Tape is to help you organize table tops and wall spaces which house tools. You can use strips of tape to outline where specific items should go, eliminating the wasteful search for tools.

In all cases, you should be considering what colors of each type of marking tape to use. OSHA requirements for safety outline the proper color coding for marking tape.

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