Warehouse Equipment and Supplies February 05 2013

Proper equipment and supplies help keep warehoused products safe.

 To protect merchandise in a warehouse, you need the right equipment and supplies. That’s because all merchandise endures several moves before making it into the hands of consumers. Having the proper equipment and supplies helps ensure that these frequent relocations are accident free. Some of the most beneficial types of equipment include:

1.      Material handling system components, such as pallet racks, which come in many configurations.

2.      Essential warehouse lifting devices, such as a forklift or vertical conveyor which will allow pallets to be easily transferred and stacked floor to ceiling if necessary.

3.      Industrial shelving units. Invest in strong industrial shelving; you will need industrial shelving that is of higher caliber than standard consumer-strength shelves.

4.      Industrial Floor Tapes and other floor marking materials such as floor dots, footprints, angles and Ts, and other materials such as floor signs to keep everything in the correct place and to mark off aisles.