Floor Tape Store Now Carries Non-Slip Floor Tape August 09 2013

Our anti skid tape is second to none, manufactured to the highest quality using the latest production methods, to ensure a consistency of quality throughout. We offer a large range of colors, sizes and shapes, with the option of custom lengths to suit your needs.
We have 3 grades of anti skid tape available from standard (60 grit, good for general use), coarse (36 grit, good for industrial use) and extra coarse (30 grit, for extreme conditions such as mud and snow). Achieving these grades is by using different sized aluminium oxide granules, resin bonded to a plastic backing which has a self adhesive coating applied to it.
Black non-slip tape is our most popular type of non-slip floor tape. The material has a permanent self adhesive, plastic base and is coated with extremely tough, diamond hard aluminium oxide. The anti slip capability of our standard anti slip grip tape (coefficient of friction) exceeds all legal requirements. The Black non-slip tape comes in 3 different grits for use in any application.


Standard Non-Slip Tape

Standard non-slip tape is our most popular Non-slip type of floor tape material. It is ideal for any general non slip requirement. Our standard anti slip grip tape is perfect to prevent slips and trips on stair nosings, internal walkways and external areas. For muddy or industrial applications I would recommend our coarse anti slip tape product which has a deeper grit. Can also be used as skateboard grip tape, due to it being a finer grit.
Grit: 60


Coarse Non-Slip Tape 

Coarse Non-Slip Tape is a tough heavy duty material that is instantly applied and easily copes with the rigors of an industrial application. It has a deep grit that helps to prevent clogging when sodden with mud or other contaminants, possessing high levels of coefficient of friction in excess of statutory requirements. Its high tack adhesive ensures a permanent bonding to the surface giving you a long lasting material that copes well with continued use. The coarse non slip tape is a great solution for your industrial anti slip needs. For use in warehouses, Airports and Bus Stations. Also useful in muddy environments.
Grit: 36


Extra-Coarse Non-Slip Tape             

For ensuring areas affected with ice and snow can be safe to walk on, our black extra coarse non skid tape is the best option to apply to such areas to prevent accidents. With a permanent self adhesive, plastic base coated with diamond hard, tough coarse aluminum oxide, this extra coarse non skid tapes coefficient of friction meets and far surpasses all legal requirements.
Grit: 30