Introducing Lift'n Buddy August 12 2013

Loads up to 350 lbs. are no match for the LNB 350. Simply press a button and raise them from floor level to 36" (or anywhere in between) in a matter seconds. Use the LNB 350 for loading and unloading shelves, racks, workbenches, delivery vehicles or any number of applications that require items to be lifted and/or transported. The LNB 350's linear actuator provides smooth lifting / lowering and precise positioning with zero drift.

Download a Lift'n Buddy Brochure

Key Features

  • Aluminum construction is rugged and lightweight
  • Large 10" flat-free tires roll easily over any surface including uneven floors, carpet and dirt parking lots
  • Intuitive operation requires no training - if you can use a traditional 2-wheel hand truck you can use Lift'n Buddy
  • Tethered pushbutton controller allows users to raise and lower loads from any side of the unit
  • Generous 20" x 16" platform with load backrest has 10 cut-outs for securing loads with bungee cords or straps
  • Base platen allows Lift'n Buddy to be free standing even when raised under load
  • On-board charger plugs into any 110v outlet
  • Power save function preserves battery life during periods of inactivity
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors - even in rain or snow


  • Capacity - 350 lbs
  •  Vertical Travel - 36"
  •  Rise Time - 15 seconds
  •  Platform -  16" x 20" x 13.5"
  •  Load Center - 10"
  •  Tires - 10" flat-free polyurethane
  •  Overall Dimensions - 20" x 52" x 30"
  •  Overall Raised Height - 85"
  •  Battery - 12V maintenance free
  •  Charger - 110V on-board


You can customize your Lift'n Buddy handles with two options for flexible and easy handling.
Dual Grip (Standard) Single Loop Plain