The Secret Business Approach That Changes Everything September 19 2017

Without people, you have no business. Not just from a customer perspective, but also from a business building and employee perspective, as well -- people are the core of every business. So here’s the secret business approach of successful business owners and leaders everywhere: When you choose to make people, not profit, the center of your business efforts, the rest will naturally fall into place successfully. No matter how much technology progresses, there is no denying that nothing can replace the good ideas generated by real people working for you.

Use this secret business approach to make sure your business never fails

A company that fosters a workplace dedicated to empowerment and engagement is one that will stay successful and continue to grow. People want to grow within a role in a company that respects their good ideas, and people want to buy from a company that keeps good ideas coming. It’s a win/win for all!

How can you inspire these attitudes in your workers?

Open communication is the key to an empowered workforce. Only when you have specified to an employee the parameters of their position and responsibilities can they understand their full boundaries within your company. Make sure that no one gets lost in the loop of communication by enforcing an open door policy among all of your management.

Be open to suggestion from your employees. After all, who else can tell you how things may be improved in the day-to-day operations than the people doing the job? Sometimes, all you need is a little perspective from someone who has more hands-on experience completing a task in your facility. Let your employees have several opportunities to share new ideas with you -- in one-on-one discussions, team meetings, suggestion boxes, or whatever else works for your team.

Demonstrate a healthy level of trust in your workers. This is the real sweet spot in this secret business approach. You hired your employees for a reason! Hovering over them and micro-managing them in their daily tasks will give them the impression that you think they can’t get the job done properly. Let your workers do the work you hired them to do. There will always be time for reviews and reassessments later. For now, it is time for you to release the reins and give your employees a chance to grow within their roles.

Create an incentive system. Don’t just be open to new ideas -- reward the good ones! Ask your employees for their feedback and ways to improve upon your business strategy; don’t just wait for them to come to you.

Make your workplace a learning space. Everyday should be a new opportunity to learn something new. Continue to develop people within and beyond their professional roles in your organization. Allow them to foster new skills and become more well-rounded employees to be able to offer new perspectives to contribute to your company.

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