Can Mighty Line Tape be used in a cold environment? February 13 2012

 I had the following exchange with a customer today via email and thought it was important enough to include on the website.

Louis writes:

    I would like to use your tape in our facility. The area where I need the tape is at 4C or 39F during work hours. At the end of the shift, the floor is washed with hot water and some mild sanitizing chemicals. Do you think your tape can withstand such conditions? Do you ship to Canada?

    My Reply:

    Thanks for your note. The trick here is to get initial tack. The recommended application temperature is 55 Degrees F, which may not be possible in a freezer environment. I would recommend application of V-Seal concrete sealant first, then apply the tape. After the tape is applied, apply Vseal again to the outside edges of the tape. This will encapsulate the adhesive and prevent water molecules from dissolving the adhesive.

    Louis wrote back:

      Hi Thanks for your feedback.

      If I apply Vseal to the outside edge of the tape will I still be able to remove the tape in future? How long does it take the sealant to cure and dry? Do you ship to Canada?

      My Reply:

      Yes. You will be able to pull it up just fine. It may take a little more effort but it will come up. The sealant is a water based sealant so it dry in about the same time as water drys. Yes, we ship to Canada all the time. No problem. You can use your own shipping account (UPS or FedEx) if you like.